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Conditions of Use

Zen Den preparation OSCE Videos and MCQ Exams have been created by professionals in the Registered Massage Therapy Industry. All the questions and answers are tested for their precision and accuracy that maximizes success in the CMTO exam.

With the purchase of all 12 OSCE videos, Zen Den assures an above average success rate in the OSCE exam and the success has been verified through hundreds of satisfied customers. In case there is a failed result on the CMTO MCQ exam, contact Zen Den at zendentherapy@gmail.com and you may receive an extended opportunity to access our MCQ Preparation Exam (if previously purchased) at 50% off the regular cost. Due to the nature of downloadable OSCE videos, they are non-refundable once purchased. In addition, the MCQ exam is online and allows access to our database of questions, so we unfortunately do not allow any refunds once the exam has been purchased.

We provide unlimited support on desktops and laptops, however accessing the exam through mobile devices may forfeit support and access to your purchase without the possibility of refund. Due to the many variables associated with technology on mobile devices such as tablets or phones, we strongly encourage customers to obtain access to a laptop or desktop before making any purchases of our products to ensure unlimited support. Zen Den will not reimburse any customers who fail to access ANY OF OUR PRODUCTS on mobile devices.

Zen Den is not responsible for any failure of products or services, whether instructional videos or preparation exams, to meet the expectations of any user or customer and there is no complete or expressed 100% guarantee in success at the CMTO OSCE or MCQ exam based on Zen Den's products or services.

It is strictly prohibited to share any of the OSCE videos or MCQ exam credentials with any other users. Access and use is only privileged to the registrant and buyer only. Should any of the OSCE videos be copied and distributed by any user, Zen Den Massage will legally pursue a copyright infringement against the offending party. Should MCQ credentials be shared or any other email be used (except the registrant's) to login to the exam, this will result in an immediate termination and ban of the registrant's username/password, the offending email address, the registrant's email address, all IP address involved will no longer be able to access the exam and Zen Den will not be responsible for either issuing a refund or reissuing new credentials.

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