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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many questions are on the MCQ exam and can I download it?
This MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) exam is designed to mimic the CMTO exam which consists of 150 multiple choice questions. A passing grade is 70%. You will have 180 minutes to complete the exam which is the same time needed to complete the CMTO exam (150 questions in 180 minutes). You cannot download the exam as it is only available online on our server and you may only access the exam for 90 days which is included in your 90-day membership for $19.99USD. In that time, you can write the exam as many times as you wish. After you complete the exam at least once, you will receive all the questions and your answers via email for further review. The ZenDen MCQ exam is only authorized for use to the registrant. Only the authorized email on file is permitted to login and access the exam and we do not permit any time of sharing of username/passwords (all logins, IP address and emails are logged)

Have these videos been updated to reflect the new competencies set by the CMTO for the OSCE examinations taking place this year?
The videos cover all the basics and many of the intricacies expected to test the candidate’s knowledge and application of skill in each of the seven stations. Variations in the OSCE exams occur every year but the core competency expected remains the same and the videos serve as an exemplary foundations needed for that competency.

I would like to know the length of the videos?
Lengths vary between 3 minutes (i.e. consent) to 9 minutes (i.e. techniques). Total length for each video is indicated at the end of the description before you purchase.

Will I get to see only one example in each video or all possible examples for the selected muscle or technique?
You will only see one or a select few examples for each video. You will not see every technique, treatment or every remex scenario you will be tested on. The idea is to give the student a complete overview of one or several techniques, treatments, interviews, etc which they can then translate to every other scenario to help them prepare. You can see an introduction to all the videos here. The clips are all part of the actual videos in each station.

Are the OSCE videos downloadable, accessible only online, or do we get a physical copy?
The OSCE videos are only available for download online and you will not receive a physical copy. The videos are yours, for your own use and you can watch them as many times as you like. Video Course DVDs such as Thai and Deep Tissue are shipped to the customer

Can I share the OSCE videos or MCQ exam with others?
No. It is strictly prohibited to share any of the OSCE videos or MCQ exam credentials with any other users. Access and use is only privileged to the registrant and buyer only. Should any of the OSCE videos be copied and distributed by any user, Zen Den Massage will legally pursue a copyright infringement against the offending party. Should MCQ credentials be shared or any other email be used (except the registrant's) to login to the exam, this will result in an immediate termination and ban of the registrant's username/password, the offending email address, the registrant's email address, all IP address involved will no longer be able to access the exam.

Why are prices in USD?
Support and development is catered in US dollars so that must reflect in the cost we forward to our customers.

Do you offer any discounts on a purchase of all of the OSCE preparation videos that you have available for purchase?
Yes, we offer a 10% discount for all 12 videos purchased as a package.

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